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The Borderlands is a digital theme park and cultural exploration hub. The Borderlands blends future-forward spaces with interactive technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds.


With content assembled by internationally acclaimed creators and collaborators, The Borderlands is a destination for world builders looking to play, learn, and share.


Consider The Borderlands as a premium cultural experience – a living, breathing extension of your creative voice ideally suited to ticketed performances and private events.

Property owner? Fill your space with the wonder and unmatched vibrance of The Borderlands experience. Get in touch today.


The Gallery

The Gallery is a room of unique interactive

experiences that come to life when approached

and initiate a unique sensory adventure.



  • Interactive Screens where the spectator becomes the creator

  • Media / Content Capture or NFT Output

  • 1 Screen 1-4 users


Exhibition Space

The Exhibition Space immerses larger groups in a shared creative and educational experience. Multiple points of interaction offer sound, video, gaming, and exploration opportunities.



  • Live Performances / Music / Education / Keynote

  • Soft Touchpoint for Brand + Persona-Building

  • Private Events

  • 250-1,000 Guests


Boutique & Lounge

The journey culminates in the boutique & lounge. Guests can interact, create digital mementos of their experience, and enjoy a superlative food and beverage experience.



  • NFT minting + Drops

  • Photobooth & Personalized = Collectibles

  • Brand Merchandise

  • Food & Beverage


Now Booking
Miami South Beach

We are currently booking private / public events at our New Location on Miami’s South Beach for Art Basel, Dcentral and Miami Design Week.  

Other Availability: 

  • World Cup, Holidays, NYE, SoBe Food, Formula , Miami Tech Month, MiamiNFT, Bitcoin 2023, Miami Boat Show. 


What's Possible

  • Brand Takeovers

  • Artist Takeovers

  • Sponsor Events

  • Lunches & Dinners

  • Key Notes & Presentations

  • Concerts

  • Dinner Theater

  • Ticketed Programming

  • Educational Programming

  • Sponsored Public Space

  • Web3 Museum

  • NFT / Web3 Institute

  • Gallery

  • Artist Showcase

Request more information about The Borderlands

More information is on its way!

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